Born in a small town in Germany, as a young man I looked for adventure and joined the German Army Aviation as a helicopter pilot. Once this job became routine, I wanted more. My family and I  migrated to Australia, where I continued flying helicopters, chiefly for the mining industry. The drawback was, I spent much time away from home.

So, there was another change on the horizon. I spent a few years with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.  Boring! The shift work gave me time to improve my writing skills, but I wasn’t ready to lock myself up in a home office.

Another longing for change guided me to the Royal Australian Air Force as air traffic controller and instructor. Fate decided my future thereafter. Medically discharged. What now?

Writing may not be considered as glamorous as flying helicopters or policing the skies, but I enjoyed producing the few articles while with the Bureau of Meteorology. I even got paid a few dollars for the effort. Could this become a career?

I studied Writing and Editing and decided the time has come to write a book. Now, it was time to glue myself to the computer screen for two years. In 2002 I found a publisher for two non-fiction books. Thank you Michelle Anderson Publishing.

Writing non-fiction was hard work. Is writing fiction any easier? No! I can tell you, it is equally as tough, but satisfying. By the way, if you consider a career in writing, don’t give up your day job.

Stay tuned for progress updates.


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